Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium hardwood flooring.

This reputation has been built over many years and is strengthened daily by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the people who work to create this product. They are driven by a single goal: perfection.

An incomparable product, made for those who love quality living and look for excellence in their own home.

Listone Giordano in Miralduolo: The Heart of Production

The production plant, perfectly integrated in the Umbrian countryside, is the result of the cooperation with ABDR associated architects. It’s an inspiring model of modern industrial plant in tune with the natural surroundings. Located in the heart of the Umbrian countryside, it began as enlightened example of the conjugation between the structural and functional requirements of a modern industrial system and respect for the natural environment that surrounds it.
Born as a project in progress aimed at minimizing as much as possible, the gap between the natural and built environment, it develops its own organic accepting the suggestions offered by the surrounding landscape and combining them in an elegant and non-invasive architectural paradigm. The incorporation of the agricultural sector (wine production) with the Miralduolo plan provides the sign of the foundation, which aims to reunify and bring together the different kinds of production in a unique concept of human production.


The tradition that links Listone Giordano to the culture of wood is established in the forests of Burgundy, in France, where the best raw materials have been selected for many years. The forestry management in this area embraces an integrated cycle of more than 180 years:  every tree is registered, numbered and monitored in order to guarantee a gradual increase in the woodland heritage.

Listone Giordano long ago began moving in the direction of the responsible use of natural resources, checking the origins of the raw materials and ensuring traceability throughout the entire production process. This approach continues today, with a renewed committee on an international level, applying these principles also to tropical woods in order to guarantee eco-sustainable products.

Zero Impact Inexhaustible Resource

Wood is a special material, projected by Nature and moulded by time, with the wise mastery and the patient dedication, basis of every masterpiece. A material built respectfully by nature. Unlike other natural raw materials wood is a practically an inexhaustible resource as it’s nourished only by solar energy and rain falls. Wood lifecycle is very slow, but absolutely ecological and renewable, if conducted according to a sustainable forestry management. A Forest cultivated, just like an agricultural soil, gives not only better products but also a significant social contribution.
Managed woods, with a controlled lifecycle that encourage wood usage and its regeneration, represent a systems not only capable of oxygen production but most of all of carbon dioxide retaining and reduction even more efficiently then the ones grown wild.
A forest managed by putting into practice good forestry rules, while growing, not only continuously produces material of unique characteristics as beauty and performance, but also performs an extraordinary role in preserving atmosphere quality, hydro geological regulation and environmental conservation.
Wood usage, if applied following forestry regulations, unlike what happens for quarries or other natural resources, does not produce any environmental wound hence this is a zero impact activity.


It was 1984 when Prof. Guglielmo Giordano ingeniously conceived a hardwood flooring of groundbreaking characteristics that improved the limits of traditional hardwood flooring and inaugurated a new era. Stability, precision, reliability, beauty, long-life and respect for the environment are still the keywords to this huge success. The technological heart of Listone Giordano lies in the special multilayer birch support, which, together with the transversal incisions and micrometric joints make the hardwood floor stable over time and keep it from ever warping.

A unique product characterized by values ranging from the selecting of the finest raw materials directly in the forest to the special sawing techniques, the marine adhesives, the ecological finish treatments, the precision machining, the sophisticated selection criteria, and the most advanced frontiers of the new shapes and surfaces of contemporary design.

Multilayer Listone Giordano

Wood Floor in the Bathroom and Kitchen

Real wood flooring has always been a no-no for bathrooms and kitchens, where the moist atmosphere (45-65% recommended humidity content and 15-30°C temperature) and surface water can cause gapping, shrinking and other disasters. Now it has become an interior design trend enhancing the depth and sense of continuity of the rooms.
The top layer of a Listone Giordano floor is a single precision cut strip of premium hardwood. Its stable multi-layered base renders the floor immune to temperature and humidity changes, eliminating capping, cupping and splitting. Listone Giordano is so stable that it can even be used with underfloor central heating.
Sigilplus is specially developed for varnished floors: recommended after installation is designed to penetrate the joints of the floor, making top and side junctions water-repellent.
To remove liquids from the surface as soon as possible it is however strongly recommended. Enjoy one of the delights of a wood floor, the freedom and pleasure to walk barefoot.


Listone Giordano promotes the purchasing of wood floors manufactured with raw materials from eco-friendly forestry management and a system of traceability. We make our customers aware of purchasing certified wood species.